The Emotional Roller Coaster Book Series Personal Growth and Lasting Change

Your time is valuable, so you will appreciate the books being packed with life-changing activities and solutions within a very compact format.  Your personal growth will include how to change images, beliefs, goals, game playing, anchors, fantasies, past memories, and how to coast through your ups and downs.  The roller coaster metaphor is used throughout to facilitate real movement toward creating results you desire. 

New books coming soon. 


Are you a shopalyptic zombie?  Have money diets left you hungry?  How aware are you of the money games you play?  No matter how much money you have, discover how to change the beliefs and behaviors that keep you from having more or from optimally managing what you have.  Become the Richer You both financially and in the rest of your life. 


Have you been on the diet roller coaster, going up and down with your weight?  It's easy to lose weight smoothly, without even dieting, while feeling good about yourself now.  Find out how to end cravings, only eat when you're hungry, and change the images and memories surrounding food.    


Has one or all of your birds left the nest?  Whether they've flown across the country to college or just to the other side of town, your relationship with them is forever changed.  Your relationship with yourself and your partner, if you have one, is also changed.  What are the best solutions for adjusting to the emotional ups and downs of your empty nest?