About Your Personal Coach


Meet Your Personal Coach

It's all about connection.  Deep, fully present connection.  Marla has been trained in many non-traditional psychological approaches. She remains curious, and what that means for you is that she listens well without preconceived ideas or entanglements. Marla also brings her own unique style and awareness.  Marla understands that people make lasting changes when they fully experience vs just talk about an issue, which is why she develops experiential exercises based on your needs.  


Who Would Benefit From Marla's Coaching?

YOU.  Single men, single women, couples. Anyone who wants to take their life to the next level.  Anyone who feels successful and happy but would like to improve one area of their life.  Anyone who would benefit from better relationships or more peace or less stress or more energy.


Are You Reaching High Enough?

Do you need a boost to get out of your comfort zone and reach for an even higher level of success and joy?  Marla offers you a boost, and a few kicks, and a lot of support all along the way. Today is the day.  Start now.