Art of Feminine Presence

*October classes: 1st & 23rd-relationships. 9th & 29th-increase energy and keep negative energy out*

Are You Fully Present to Receive the Abundance Coming Your Way?

Are you aware of whether your energy shrinks, becomes diffused, or gets projected? Is your mind thinking the same thoughts over and over again without knowing how to change, and all the while keeping you from being in the present moment? The Art of Feminine Presence encompasses 44 practices that quickly help you ground yourself instead of being triggered by other people's energy, stay calm in the face of stress, become focused and purposeful, increase your support circle, and invite and fully receive abundance.  

Art of Feminine Presence

Become a Magnet to Attract All That You Desire

Ignite fiery passion and attract all that you desire.  Overcome your limiting beliefs, clear yourself of stuck energy, be fully in your body and power center,  understand your effect on others, learn how to give and receive appreciation, balance feminine and masculine aspects, be what you admire, know your spectrum of behavior and shadows, all while containing and increasing your energy and joy. 

Hand reaching to top of Eldorado Canyon Peak

Are You Reaching High Enough?

Do you need a boost to get out of your comfort zone and reach for an even higher level of success and joy? Gift yourself personal coaching and/or the Art of Feminine Presence classes.  

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Amaze Yourself

Bruno Mars says, "You are amazing just the way you are."  Most people focus on their shortcomings instead of their strengths.  Do you believe that listening to an upbeat song can lift your mood faster than hearing the lyrics alone?  Music creates powerful memories and feelings.  Use music to change your emotions and dance your way to a more successful, richer you.